Friday Favorites – Lip Products

This morning when I was putting on my makeup I was thinking about how much I love a certain lip butter and how I should add it into a Friday Favorites post. Then I realized that it has been SO long since I last did a Friday Favorites post so here you go!

I live in a dry winter climate so moisturizing lip products are an absolute must. I don’t think I know of anyone in this city who can say that they have perfectly moisturized, smooth lips. I have lip balms everywhere… my bathroom, car, office, purse, kitchen drawer, living room, you name it, you can find one! I have all different brands, colours and scents, but there are 5 that I usually end up gravitating towards.

SOL DE JANEIRO Brazilian Kiss Cupuacu Lip Butter – Sephora – $23

2018-03-07 14_36_26-Brazilian Kiss Cupuacu Lip Butter - Sol de Janeiro _ Sephora

This stuff is AMAZING! It’s the lip cousin to the cult favorite Brazilian Bum Bum cream.  The scent alone is enough for me to keep buying it, but it also is one of the few lip balms that actually keeps my lips moisturized all day long. It doesn’t have any color to it, but when you put it on it does some magical thing where your lips just look better. It also comes in cute packaging and the bright yellow and larger than normal packaging means it’s harder to get lost in your bag! Right now I have a tube in my purse and another one in my bathroom. Always a plus in my books!

FRESH Sugar Lip Caramel Hydrating Balm – Sephora – $22

2018-03-07 14_57_49-Sugar Lip Caramel Hydrating Balm - Fresh _ Sephora

This is another one that’s worth it just for the scent, the caramel-y-ness (it could be a word!) is just to die for! It’s not the most moisturizing on its own but I find it’s great for putting on top of lip color for a little bit of shine and staying power. I also believe that you can’t go wrong with anything from Fresh!

FRESH Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment – Sephora – $32

2018-03-07 15_01_22-Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment - Fresh _ Sephora

Speaking of Fresh, here’s another one that is seriously amazing in every way! It’s pricey so I definitely don’t use it more than once in a while and I see it as more of a treat. Again, the scent is amazing (it’s a sweet sugary scent and tastes great too), but it’s intense hydrating that I like the most. It comes in translucent and Dream, which is a sheer pink color.

Lush Honey Trap Lip Balm – Lush stores or online – $10.95

2018-03-07 15_04_38-Lips _ LUSH Cosmetics

Lush describes this lip balm as “honeyed white chocolate kisses” and the are bang on with the description! It smells amazing, it’s all natural, and it moisturizes like crazy! This lip balm lasts a long time after applied so I usually put it on before bed and most days I can still feel it on my lips in the morning. My favorite thing to do is use a lip scrub and follow up with this lip balm, my lips have never felt better!

eos Lip Balms – online/drug stores/grocery stores – usually around $5

2018-03-07 15_07_34-Natural Lip Balms & Lip Moisturizers _ eos

I couldn’t write a lip balm post without writing about eos. I seriously love all of their products, especially the iconic spheres. The packaging is cute, they’re inexpensive, easy to use and they are available in many different scents and colors. They are all natural and always leave me with soft and smooth lips. (also my dog loves them so I have to hide them from him)

Anyone else a lip balm addict like me?? I would love to hear your faves!



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